How to design a successful spa


An easy-to-read spa guide on what steps to take to create unique and profitable spa environments. Creating a successful spa is certainly a demanding challenge, and not only on an economic level It is like setting up a business, which ‘sells’ something that is not tangible but is nevertheless measurable from an economic point of […]

Ludic SPA: the child within us brings us closer to well-being!


Letting go and being less focused on the more rational part of our thinking, helps to regain balance and serenity. Ludic SPAs enhance precisely the playful aspect related to well-being, through playful paths that invite us to listen to ourselves in order to understand what we really need. What is ludic well-being For each of […]

Boutique SPA: top-class wellness for a “WOW” effect


In the wellness sector, a trend that certainly needs to be monitored closely is the increased interest in ‘jewel spas’, small, high-end venues that we have learnt to call Boutique Spas, drawing inspiration from what we all identify as Boutique Hotels. More and more people are looking for unforgettable experiences when they travel. People are […]

Urban SPA: wellness oasis in the city


To feel better, to dedicate yourself to remise en forme, to isolate yourself from the outside world and find a moment of relaxation. Urban SPAs are the reference for beauty treatments or an anti-stress break. Innovative and, today more than ever, popular with those suffering from ‘urban fatigue’. Urban SPAs have always been one of […]

Cold Therapy: the cold trend is growing


Cold therapies and snow tunnels are on the wish list of wellness enthusiasts. From home-made ice baths to natural cold plunges, this enthusiasm has created a new market for cold treatments. A business, the one related to the ‘cold’ trend, which will generate significant increases over the next decade.This is because it has been rediscovered […]

Biologique Recherche wellness center in the heart of the Roman Dolce Vita


Inside a historical palace that once belonged to the Colonna family, considered one of the oldest and most famous Roman patrician families, Biologique Recherche opens Ambassade Roma where you can enjoy the exclusive experience of this high-end brand, just a few steps from the Pantheon and Piazza di Spagna. The bbspa team of We Design […]

Green SPA: trend or awareness?


Attention to environmental sustainability, energy saving, the reduction of harmful emissions and, in general, the preservation of the planet, is a theme that has always been felt and that has seen a major upsurge in recent years. Thinking and behaving in a ‘green’ manner requires a profound paradigm shift, and the beauty, spa and wellness […]

SPA and Nature: a winning combination


The wellness trend of the moment sees hospitality and wellness closely connected with the surrounding environment. The trend was already perceptible in 2019, but the so-called ‘Covid years’ have accelerated this increasingly strong link between Wellness and Nature. Today, tourist hospitality is also aligning itself with this need and evolving into “open-air” stays and activities, […]

Kundamiri: a detoxifying and relaxing steam bath


Long known in the spa and thermal world, it is a steam bath created to regenerate the skin, alleviate cellulite and gently relax the entire body. How? Let’s find out together. How? Let’s find out together. What is Kundamiri A steam bed enriched with oxygen and essential oils, it is one of the treatments par […]

Give the gift of wellness in a SPA for Christmas


Christmas is coming and we are all looking for emotions and gifts to make the upcoming holidays truly special. What can we do? Certainly by giving the gift of a stay in a Spa, where we can share magical moments together with our loved ones or friends. Spas, in this period, are also chosen for […]