Biologique Recherche wellness center in the heart of the Roman Dolce Vita

Inside a historical palace that once belonged to the Colonna family, considered one of the oldest and most famous Roman patrician families, Biologique Recherche opens Ambassade Roma where you can enjoy the exclusive experience of this high-end brand, just a few steps from the Pantheon and Piazza di Spagna.

The bbspa team of We Design redesigned a 250 square metre space, working with Italian craftsmen who remodelled the existing furniture to adapt it to the requirements of Biologique Recherche’s technologies and protocols, taking the historical materials and embellishing them with Corian and alabaster.

The Roman Embassy is located on Via Frattina, number 7, in the beating heart of the Eternal City. An exclusive project born thanks to the collaboration between Biologique Recherche, a leading company in the cosmetics sector, and bbspa_Group (specifically with its branch bbspa_France).

A glamorous environment steeped in history, opened last 20 December, which will be inaugurated shortly, dedicated to a clientele of connoisseurs and wellness enthusiasts, both Roman and international.

A chat with Regis Boudon-Doris (CEO and Founder of bbspa_Group) immersed us in this intriguing project that combines history, innovation and well-being.

A network of embassies in Italy and around the world. What is the mission?

“As part of its development projects, Biologique Recherche is creating its own network of “embassies” around the world to guarantee customers a brand experience. For this reason, the collaboration with bbspa_Group will continue with the opening of 2 more “Ambassade” in 2023 and 2024,” Regis emphasises. “We are also creating a collaboration that goes beyond Italy thanks to projects that Biologique Recherche would like to realise with its clients worldwide.

What was the most fascinating or curious aspect of this job?

“Ambassade Roma is located on the site of a very famous lingerie shop from the 1950s that boasted a VIP clientele, including all the famous actresses linked to Cinecittà as well as famous women from all over the world passing through Rome. Also, for this reason – adds Regis Boudon-Doris – we wanted to respect what already existed. The challenge was to transform a shop into a wellness centre and this was possible thanks to the collaboration of architect Joanne De Lepinay, who adapted ‘retro’ environments to the specific needs of Biologique Recherche for 2023″.

Technology, design and well-being: a perfect mix

Works started in July 2022. They were planned, organised and realised by bbspa_Group and a team specially structured for such a specific project.

A 250 m2 space (including 50 m2 on the ground floor with reception, shop, waiting room and product testing room) with 6 treatment cabins, 4 for individuals, 2 for couples and a team area.
Skillful Italian craftsmen have remodelled the existing furnishings to adapt them to the needs of Biologique Recherche’s technologies and protocols. How? By taking historical materials and embellishing them with Corian and alabaster.

In addition to Joanne De Lepinay, bbspa_Group specialists worked on the project: Federico Dottorini (Project Manager), Hande Yildiz (Interior Designer) and Andrea Francia for project procurement.

Refined and intimate wellness centre with innovative treatments

An intimate, cozy and muffled atmosphere as well as the organization of the spaces, specially designed to experience each treatment to the fullest. The design and furnishings are in blue, white and champagne (the signature colours of Biologique Recherche) enhanced by the mahogany and copper of the historical structure.
The ambience is permeated with touches of refinement combined with the lively personality of the Roman Dolce Vita. Distributed on the first floor, single and double treatment cabins welcome guests for a rejuvenating moment. There is also a lounge for personalised consultations.

A bien-être experience signed by Biologique Recherche

L’équipe dell’Ambassade Roma è formata secondo protocolli e tecnologie The Ambassade Roma team is trained according to Biologique Recherche protocols and technologies and is at the service of those who wish to enjoy an effective and different beauty experience. The first step is an in-depth assessment of the skin’s condition. The results of this analysis determine the customised treatment protocol to be applied, which will then be spelled out in the various face/body treatments.

What has been bbspa_Group’s trump card?

“We create synergies that amplify the effectiveness and efficiency of solutions to maximise the profitability of each project. Our one-of-a-kind character is represented by a philosophy that allows us to organically approach the entirety of a Wellness&Spa project by optimising processes without ever neglecting attention to detail and the peculiarities of our clients’ projects. A vision born where the expression of Italian design and the culture of pleasure typical of the French art de vivre meet,” says Regis Boudon-Doris.

The history of Maison Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche was founded at the end of the 1970s by Yvan and Josette Allouche, a biologist and physiotherapist respectively and experts in cosmetic treatments with an artisanal flavour. Their savoir-faire and visionary approach to the world of cosmetics are behind the brand’s success for the effectiveness of its exclusive products.
Indeed, the founders have conceived an exclusive methodology of personalised cosmetic treatments adapted to each ‘Skin Instant©‘, based on products with a high concentration of active ingredients.

Regis, who would you like to thank for the success of the project?

All professionals who have worked very intensely and in very short times. Especially:

Chiara Ferrari, administrator of Biologique Recherche Italia
Paolo Ruggeri, CRT Group together with Giorgio Gotti who did an incredible job with carpentry and finishes
Maurizio Mei of Green Edil for managing a construction site in a complex location
Alessio Leoci who allowed us to make the project a reality in the historic centre of Rome with all the bureaucratic difficulties that this entails.

Ambassade Rome, watch the video.

By Elisabetta Farneti