Set Up


We Set Up is the consulting service aimed at making the SPA concept perfectly functional, manageable and sustainable, through the analysis of space, function and technological and operational requirements.

How does a functional and profitable SPA concept come to be?

Starting from the shared business model, we initiate a space and function analysis by applying an analytical and tailored approach. As we do that, we provide all the elements deemed essential to enable our clients’ architects to design the whole project from an architectural and systems standpoint, aiming at the most sensible, innovative and sustainable solutions to maximize the project’s profitability.

In parallel, we develop flowcharts where the SPA usability is analyzed and designed to optimize customer and work flows, based on operational management.

We then put together a list with the project’s technical requirements for each macro/micro area and we define for each setting, be it public or technical, all the design and construction parameters, from materials to finishings, from lights to special installations.

The We Set Up service rounds off with the drafting of a business plan that includes the goals set out, the business model and marketing plan. In light of these elements we develop a management budget doing a profit-projection analysis for every activity and a cost-projection analysis for production-related and staff-related costs so as to outline the cash flows and check the profitability.