We Think is the consulting service dedicated to rethinking or designing from scratch the essential features of a successful SPA through the definition of an innovative and marketing-oriented SPA concept and a sustainable and profitable business model.

How does a successful SPA concept come to be?

We start off with a thorough audit to gather all the information regarding the site, the team of technicians and professionals potentially already involved, and to analyze the paperwork and the particular aspects of the project.

After that,a market analysis to identify and analyze the strengths and the liabilities of the competitors – with the help of mystery guests – to outline the main aspects of the SPA’s identity, ultimately determining its positioning, commercial strategy and management model.

The next step is to identify the elements of the project’s SPA concept: definition of the key points of the brand identity, positioning, storytelling and target identification. This is also when the first layouts, the services menu and the pricing, consistent with the business model, are developed.

On this information and data, we will base the analysis of designing and construction costs and the profit analysis – including management-related ones – to obtain a profitability projection for the first 9 years of the SPA and thus, be provided with all the necessary information before moving on the next steps.