Urban SPA: wellness oasis in the city

To feel better, to dedicate yourself to remise en forme, to isolate yourself from the outside world and find a moment of relaxation. Urban SPAs are the reference for beauty treatments or an anti-stress break. Innovative and, today more than ever, popular with those suffering from ‘urban fatigue’.

Urban SPAs have always been one of the most important places to survey and assess the new needs of SPA customers. This is because those who frequent them usually do so on a regular basis, live in the area, and consider them to be places of reference for everything related to beauty treatments, new technologies applied to wellness, face/body cosmetic products, etc.

There is no need to go ‘elsewhere’ to find a place for pampering and relaxation because there are magnificent wellness oases even in the city.

Characteristics of the environments

They must enhance sensoriality, propose innovative, stimulating ideas, envelop the person, to contribute to the relaxing effect of a day or even just a few hours to dedicate to a holiday for mind, body and spirit, enhancing the uniqueness of each individual person and their desires. Comfort and design must characterise the ambience. An elegant and exclusive setting in which to forget the stress of the city.

Urban SPA to unplug

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, the Urban SPA is a wellness refuge where you can switch off and regain your lost energy. From anti-ageing treatments to decontracting body massages, from holistic treatments to laser hair removal and sessions with innovative machines to soothe the signs of time, there are many reasons to ‘disconnect’ and take a SPA break. Even a few hours in saunas, whirlpools, steam baths and hot pools help to restore harmony.

Who chooses the Urban SPA and for which treatments

Undoubtedly the so-called Millennials, or Generation Y, are those who are most influencing not only fashion but also the beauty and wellness sector. Their relationship with beauty and wellness is so special that many beauty business brands are reviewing their production and marketing strategies.

They are the generation of the new millennium. In Europe they represent 24% of the entire population. Hyperconnected, highly engaged in professional projects, attentive to the latest trends, they live late into the night and feel the need to recharge their batteries with meditation, yoga and detox diets.

We are talking about clients who live very busy lives,” explains Gabriella Francia, SPA Manager and trainer for bbspa_Group. They are often exposed to a new kind of stress. A large number of young women state they are tired, not only from lack of sleep but also from the many activities in which they are engaged. This obviously requires special attention when choosing the SPA menu”.

About treatments, “Personalisation is essential because, more and more, people who take a wellness break want a unique and personalised experience” – Gabriella explains. Younger people focus a lot on immediate results. The many tutorials and social media make them aware of new products and treatments. Our task is to intercept their needs as well, because they will certainly represent our largest clientele in the very near future
Some examples? Today’s trendy products and treatments are those that offer very specialised solutions, i.e. those that best meet the personal needs and new lifestyles of this generation. Facial treatments with instant effects, masks that give the skin a radiant and immediate effect, so that you are ready for an important evening. People are less interested in creams that prevent wrinkles after the age of 50, because they live in the here and now. The same applies to make-up: the skin must look radiant, smooth. The selfie phenomenon has influenced this”.

Yoga, meditation, and customised rituals in Urban Spa

Mindfulness meditation is becoming increasingly popular, not only among those who practise sport but also among those who seek to recharge their batteries from stress. This is why URBAN SPAs offer meditation, yoga, or pilates sessions, aimed at all those who think of their well-being as a path to rediscovering themselves and their physical and mental balance.

Targeted investments for a profitable business model

All this makes it clear that even for a successful URBAN SPA you need to organise yourself on several levels. A well-structured spa menu, diversified environments, trained staff, investment in modern, high-performance equipment, an innovative spa concept and welcoming spaces. We talked about this with Régis Boudon-Doris, founder, and CEO of bbspa_Group. “There is absolutely no need to trivialise the idea of the URBAN SPA,” Regis emphasises. On the contrary, it is necessary, especially in this case, to focus on solutions that are very exciting for customers and well-performing for staff. Those who carve out an ‘urban’ wellness break must be able to make the most of it. This is why the environments must be very well designed and the spa menu must absolutely meet the needs of the costumers”.

SPACUBES: modular solutions and technology for successful URBAN SPAs

An absolutely innovative and particularly high-performance solution for creating an URBAN SPA is SPACUBES®. “It is the first prefabricated and modular spa concept. Created by bbspa_Group in collaboration with a team of architects and technicians explains Régis Boudon Doris, it allows to compose and create a spa according to the needs of the location and the investor, creating welcoming, innovative spa environments that can adapt to any environment, especially urban“.