Kundamiri: a detoxifying and relaxing steam bath

Long known in the spa and thermal world, it is a steam bath created to regenerate the skin, alleviate cellulite and gently relax the entire body. How? Let’s find out together. How? Let’s find out together.

What is Kundamiri

A steam bed enriched with oxygen and essential oils, it is one of the treatments par excellence for an optimal detox and deep cleansing and purification of the skin, which is immediately radiant, supple and soft. The technology of the Kundamiri lounger promotes muscle relaxation, helps get rid of tiredness and is a technique for relaxing psychological tensions as well.

How Kundamiri works

The heat of the steam causes sweating, which eliminates toxic substances and helps relax the muscles The moist heat softens the stratum corneum of the skin, sebum, fatty substances and impurities, which can thus be eliminated more easily. In addition, the heat acts to promote the release of tension.

To these beneficial actions of the steam bath, Kundamiri combines the action of oxygen, which triggers a detoxifying and draining action through the enlarged pores. What it entails

What it entails

The treatment involves a Finnish birch bed, with a built-in sanitising system, which creates a microclimate similar to a real Turkish bath, with added oxygen. In this way, the body is enveloped in a cloud of oxygen-saturated micro-steam that penetrates the dilated skin and stimulates its regeneration and defence processes against oxidants and free radicals. The next step is a deep peeling and a relaxing massage with customised essential oils. Chromo, aroma, music therapy amplifies the effectiveness of the treatment. Aromatherapy steam baths are far preferable to the dry heat of saunas as they do not irritate the capillaries and do not stress the venous circulation.

Less toxins, more relaxation

Kundamiri is a typical technique used in spa and thermal baths that, thanks to steam, creates a personal moment in which to pamper oneself, to treat oneself to well-being, relaxation and tranquillity.

The temperature and humidity produced by this particular thermal bed stimulate blood vasodilation and sweating, resulting in increased body metabolism and a detox effect.

The benefits of this SPA treatment

You remain inside the bed for a minimum of 30 minutes.

This is to achieve different results, all aimed at aesthetics and well-being:

• Expulsion of toxins produced by our body and those caused by external factors (drugs, cigarettes, pollution, etc.)

• Deep purification of the skin, which immediately shows a firmer, more elastic and radiant texture.

• Stimulation of cellular turnover, stimulated by the steam and temperature of the thermal bed, which encourages rapid detachment of dead cells from the stratum corneum.

• Sebum, fatty substances and impurities are fluidised.

• Counteracts and improves cellulite-related imperfections.

• The enveloping steam helps release contractures and muscle tensions, relaxing body and mind, promoting a state of well-being that is not only aesthetic but also psycho-physical.

by Elisabetta Farneti