How to design a successful spa

An easy-to-read spa guide on what steps to take to create unique and profitable spa environments.

Creating a successful spa is certainly a demanding challenge, and not only on an economic level It is like setting up a business, which ‘sells’ something that is not tangible but is nevertheless measurable from an economic point of view and in terms of customer satisfaction.
Modern spa environments are a fascinating and complex reality at the same time. They are places that satisfy, excite and urge us to make choices that also influence our lifestyle.

Let’s see together, step by step, how to proceed in order to best implement your own spa idea.

Tips for a good start

Before venturing into any undertaking, it is necessary to have:

1- creativity and knowledge of the wellness world.
2- awareness of the managerial and management commitment to be put in place.
3- determination to focus on a winning project and realise it to the best of one’s ability.

5 fundamental steps for a winning spa project

1 – Analysing thoroughly the target audience we intend to address (type of services, prices, protocols we would like to activate) and the customer segment we wish to ‘conquer’ (business, travel, local customers, etc.);

2 – Analysing and getting to know our competitors perfectly, both direct and indirect, to avoid proposing something that already exist in the area. It is also important to understand how they work and with what results, to have a useful parameter for our evaluation.

3 – Be familiar with the area, because the spa we are going to create must have a strong identity and be linked to the environment and culture that surrounds it;

4 – We need to clarify what type of investment we intend to make in order to understand how much the spa will have to yield and reach the break-even point between business costs and revenues.

5- Define clear objectives, defined in time and truly attainable.

The secret ingredient that makes the difference

If we want to be sure that the spa will be a success, the first winning secret is to create a well-structured and up-to-date menu of services. We will therefore have to decide what treatments to propose to customers, establish their price, identify quality standards, set working protocols, etc.

All this must be done before the design phase because the project will have to take these aspects into great consideration, as they will give character to the spa and make up its concept: this is the second secret ingredient!

In the design phase of a spa, it is essential to think about its identity, the ‘motivation for use’, analysing the reasons that should induce the customer to walk in and entrust his or her health/well-being to us.

It is about designing a space that responds to a need, where treatments, massages, experiences must be consistent with the spa mission and well-adapted to the location. We avoid experiences, rituals and design that are decontextualised and almost alien to the essence of the SPA.

Who to rely on when designing a SPA

It goes without saying that it is necessary to rely on experts who know how to guide in the development/conception of the SPA project, who accompany in its implementation and take care of its launch.

For 30 years, bbspa_Group team has been providing design services and professional advice for the spa world, with expertise in all areas of wellness: training, research, design, eco-sustainability, equipment, technological innovations, etc.

bbspa approach is therefore multidisciplinary and allows one or more services to be used, depending on the investor’s needs.

What services and advice can be useful

“Thirty years of work in the field have enabled us to create an innovative approach to the spa/wellness world,” explains Régis Boudon Doris, Founder and CEO of bbspa_Group. “We can assist the client in the full implementation of their spa project or work only in specific areas. The overriding goal must in any case be the well-being of the guest combined with the profitability of the investment”.

What are the areas of intervention of bbspa consultants and planners

  • Initial professional advice to shape the SPA project/concept.
  • Definition and mapping of everything that will make up the spa (spaces, environments, services) to make it available to professionals and the company that will build the structure.
  • Optimisation of the organisation of spaces and detailed specifications, necessary for suppliers and professionals.
  • Support in conception and design, finding suppliers and the best performing materials according to the different types of spa environments, quality control, green technologies, etc.
  • Selection and training of staff (pre-opening and ongoing), management of protocols for reception and treatments, marketing for spa launch and communication.

How much does marketing influence the success of the SPA

“The marketing-oriented approach is very important for us today, because the factors at stake are different and must take into account the emotions and characteristics of the customer we intend to address. Lastly, it is fundamental to commercially promote the SPA both to the identified target and to local operators who might be interested in some form of collaboration and to other facilities in the area.

The communication/promotion of a wellness centre is a rather delicate and strategic aspect. This is why we believe it is important that communication is always in accordance with the investors’ objectives and concept, finding original solutions to attract new customers”.

Edit by Elisabetta Farneti