Green SPA: trend or awareness?

Attention to environmental sustainability, energy saving, the reduction of harmful emissions and, in general, the preservation of the planet, is a theme that has always been felt and that has seen a major upsurge in recent years.

Thinking and behaving in a ‘green’ manner requires a profound paradigm shift, and the beauty, spa and wellness sector in many cases is already a protagonist of this transformation, but there is still much to be done.

Green Attitude in the Beauty, SPA and Wellness Industry

Scientific research and the development of new technologies now make it possible to offer the market extremely innovative products, equipment and services with a low environmental impact, for an ethical approach to beauty and body care.

The cosmetics industry in particular, which has always been in the eye of the storm for packing and packaging that are not always ‘green’, actually boasts many cases of virtuous companies, right from the beginning of the supply chain.

Formulations, packaging and entire production systems are constantly evolving to create a clear and transparent path of responsibility towards the consumer and the environment.

The same applies to the SPA and Wellness sector, where research and innovation characterise the new environments, treatments and services. From water treatments, to energy saving, to the use of low-polluting materials, everything is studied and designed with great care.

Eco-sustainable SPA: what it is and what the paradigms are

We asked Régis Boudon-Doris Founder & CEO of bbspa_Group, who has been involved for years in designing spas that are cutting-edge in terms of concept, profitability and eco-sustainability.

Many spas around the world are located in beautiful places. We all love the environment but you have to treat it well in every situation. How many people wonder what happens to chlorine in swimming pools? What happens to the cosmetic containers, to the slippers offered to customers, to the products used for washing, to the disposable material? The mission of bbspa_Group is to implement Wellness & SPA projects at 360° which results in facilities that combine for example energy saving, use of recyclable or zero-impact materials, architectural choices that respect the surrounding environment and enhance it..

We have recently activated a partnership with Sibor SPA Certification precisely to give strength to this GREEN approach of ours. Recently bbspa_Group has also launched 100%YOU a professional clothing line that is not only safe, beautiful and comfortable but also 100% recyclable and environmentally sustainable”.

GREEN SPA: a concrete example

One example to mention is Starpool, which has been developing innovative spa environments such as saunas and steam baths for 45 years.

“bbspa_Group, stresses Régis Boudon-Doris, has been working with Starpool for some time, sharing its green approach.All production takes place with a low environmental impact: low energy consumption, from clean and renewable sources and external emissions close to zero, with the goal of zero emissions by 2030. All products are manufactured from materials that are more than 75% recyclable by weight. The wood in the saunas is 100% natural and untreated.
30.4% of raw material purchases are zero food miles and 48.7% are within 100 km.
In addition, all products are equipped with software functions that make it possible to control, optimise and reduce energy consumption with a significant improvement in management performance and profitability

What consumers think

Never before have so many people started talking about their imperfections or wellbeing expectations as in this post-COVID period. Body Positivity thinking is extremely topical and generates changes that affect the entire Beauty, Cosmetics, Wellness and SPA world.

From China to India, via Europe and the United States, it can be seen that the effects of the pandemic have changed consumer priorities: not only are they focusing more on essential, value-for-money products, but there is also a focus on environmental sustainability and safety.

The economic push of e-commerce, the sustainable evolution of the cosmetics & wellness industry and the spread of increasingly influential social and cultural movements are important factors to consider when exploring new business and development opportunities in this market.

by Elisabetta Farneti