Every SPA has the cosmetic line it deserves!


The expansion of the cosmetics industry proves that personal care and beauty products are an important business. According to Federchimica, the market is destined to grow, and we are talking about high-margin products. How to choose the cosmetic line in SPA The options are many and the choice can be difficult. We discuss this with […]

Spas and the holistic trend: from design to treatments menu


The events that have characterised the last few years have highlighted how much our well-being is profoundly influenced by external agents and life habits such as stress, sleep, relaxation, eating habits, physical activity and social interactions. As a result, the trend towards self-care has developed even more into an approach that also takes into account […]

Thermal SPA: a growing trend


Man has been using the beneficial properties of thermal waters since prehistoric times.Already in the ancient world, water was a sacred element and natural medicine, to which therapeutic and parasiticidal properties were attributed. It was Hippocrates who studied the use of thermal waters for therapeutic purposes while the Greeks and Romans spread thermalism throughout their […]

How to manage a successful SPA


Investing in the wellness sector is trendy today. For the business to be profitable, it is important to make precise entrepreneurial and management choices. It is essential to be supported by professionals capable of setting up effective and long-lasting “tailor-made” solutions. In this article we will try to answer a question that all investors in […]

Spa training courses: Atelier Training bbspa_Group


The R&D division of bbspa_Group has always been committed to innovation, to maintaining the quality standards of its services and to constantly updating and training its resources. From this attitude, the Ateliers were born, i.e. innovative spaces hosted by bbspa_Group in which share the know-how refined over time with customers and partners, approaching each process […]

Training for spas and wellness centres


For spas, wellness, and thermal centres, it is increasingly important to invest in staff training and motivation. A choice that rewards with results in terms of turnover and customer loyalty. The training offers go with the times, with ‘tailor-made’ solutions to meet the real growth needs of each spa. Read how. What does training mean […]

World Wellness Weekend


September 15-17, 2023 3 days of wellness with the aim of promoting the culture of good living around the world through creative, fun and original activities. This year the seventh edition of the event will be hold. 8000 professionals will offer fun and free activities and 150 countries worldwide are participating. World Wellness Weekend is […]

How to design a successful spa


An easy-to-read spa guide on what steps to take to create unique and profitable spa environments. Creating a successful spa is certainly a demanding challenge, and not only on an economic level It is like setting up a business, which ‘sells’ something that is not tangible but is nevertheless measurable from an economic point of […]

Ludic SPA: the child within us brings us closer to well-being!


Letting go and being less focused on the more rational part of our thinking, helps to regain balance and serenity. Ludic SPAs enhance precisely the playful aspect related to well-being, through playful paths that invite us to listen to ourselves in order to understand what we really need. What is ludic well-being For each of […]

Boutique SPA: top-class wellness for a “WOW” effect


In the wellness sector, a trend that certainly needs to be monitored closely is the increased interest in ‘jewel spas’, small, high-end venues that we have learnt to call Boutique Spas, drawing inspiration from what we all identify as Boutique Hotels. More and more people are looking for unforgettable experiences when they travel. People are […]