Mountain SPA: wellness all year round

The mountains are increasingly synonymous with well-being. It means immersing yourself in a mix of nature, tradition, sport and culture to experience a regenerating holiday. SPA offers are a feather in the cap capable of winning the hearts of “mountain lovers”.

Wellness tourism in the mountains

The increase in tourist flows is a driving force for the wellness niche. When choosing a tourist destination, people are increasingly looking to experience the local wellness culture, especially if it is ancient and rooted in local tradition.

Even people for whom wellness is not a priority tend to make use of the SPA/Wellness services offered.

“Wellness tourism” is also gaining popularity among the younger generation, who are interested in SPA treatments and packages: a well-established trend that highlights the importance of making mountain hotels the perfect place to relax and take care of oneself.

Moreover, a fact not to be overlooked, the data confirm that wellness tourists are not only increasingly well-informed and therefore more demanding, but are also willing to spend more than average and are looking for uniqueness, authenticity and emotions.

Services and experiences that a mountain SPA can offer

The mountains are considered to be an anti-stress experience, capable of restoring the psycho-physical balance of young people, adults and children.

The outdoor activities on offer are varied and original: heated pools surrounded by woods and forests, bio-saunas, state-of-the-art body treatments, Kneipp paths in real streams, aromatic saunas with mountains view, hay or alpine herb steam baths, polenta peeling… to name but a few.

Today, in the mountains, the combination of hotel and SPA is absolutely necessary, just as the combination of thermal centre and SPA services is absolutely recommended, to meet the needs of the ‘wellness tourism’ described above.

Until recently, the whiteness and poetry of the Alpine landscape was enough to satisfy those who chose to spend their holidays in the mountains, but today high standards of hospitality and a wide range of services are in demand. For example, there is a growing number of mountain resorts that combine the pleasures of saunas, hammams and personalised treatments with sporting activities. Not to mention yoga and Pilates classes or sunbathing in the silence of the mountains.

How to design a mountain SPA

Investing in the creation of wellness environments requires a great deal of attention because there are so many ‘ingredients’ that need to be included in a project: technology, research and staff training, valorisation of the peculiarities of the area, architectural and design harmony with the existing structure and landscape, respect for the budget, creation of the SPA menu, and much more.

This is why it is truly strategic to rely on the careful design of spaces and on those who are able to organise SPA services in an attractive and profitable way.

We discussed this with Régis Boudon-Doris of bbspa_Group, a company that has been creating wellness and SPA projects all over the world for 30 years.

“Designing and managing a SPA in the mountains requires great care,” explains Règis Boudon Doris, “firstly because the environment and services have to meet very different requirements depending on the season.

Another aspect not to be overlooked is the identification of a well-defined SPA concept, based on a careful analysis of the target customers. This concept must always include the integration of the territory into the SPA menu through signature services, treatments and rituals, as well as the integration of local excellence to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience. You can also combine treatments, technology and mindfulness to turn your SPA into a true paradise of remise en forme and psycho-physical recovery.

All this, of course, requires the creation of management protocols and the application of the SPA concept, followed by the search, selection and training of the SPA team to ensure quality and the consequent satisfaction of your guests”.

Which seasons are the best for a mountain SPA holiday?

The Alps are home to many renowned spas that offer unique holidays in both summer and winter, attracting a growing number of ‘mountain lovers’.

In winter, the snow-covered landscapes, slopes and ski lifts are the destination of choice for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts in general.

In spring and autumn it is lovely to walk along paths surrounded by the scent of flowering shoots or a range of colours from red to yellow of fallen leaves.

In summer, the coolness, the walks through forests, lakes and valleys and the breathtaking views attract families and sports enthusiasts.