Strategies for proposing your SPA in summer

SPAs are havens of wellness and relaxation, ideal for every season of the year. But how do you attract clients during the summer months?

A summer SPA holiday is definitely a relaxing and regenerating experience. For this reason, many SPAs offer special packages during this time of year to pamper their clients and guarantee maximum relaxation.

If the SPA/thermal holiday was the preferred choice in the past during the colder months, today this seasonality is outdated in favour of holidays dedicated to sport, wellness, health and relaxation even in summer. SPA environments are certainly among the best suited to meet these expectations.

Spas in summer: what to do?

Summer is the perfect time to take care of yourself.
One of the main attractions is the open-air pool, with water games, hydro bike courses and Jacuzzis, where you can relax in the sun, take a refreshing dip and enjoy the surrounding countryside, even better in an exclusive setting.

And that’s not all: SPA treatments, regenerating massages, body peelings, mud wraps, yoga or Pilates sessions, walks in the surrounding countryside or simply relaxing in a dedicated area are just some of the suggestions that can be found in the ‘summer packages’ offered by the spas.

So how do you attract people to your SPA during the summer months?

To create an attractive offer that meets your customers’ needs there are several aspects to consider. So how do you do it? We discussed this with the team at the BBSPA Group, a company that has been working in the world of wellness and SPA since 1993, creating projects that combine design, technology, innovation and training.

For example, BBSPA’s ‘We Manage‘ consultancy service helps investors and managers of wellness and SPA centres to develop projects and management models with measurable success.

With these considerations in mind, let us evaluate together some innovative strategies to deseasonalise the SPA and make it an attractive destination in the summer months:

Create unique summer experiences:

  • Refreshing treatments:based on fresh, natural ingredients such as cucumber, mint, aloe vera and citrus fruits. Cooling massages, moisturising facial masks and fresh herb wraps. Exfoliating to smooth the skin and prepare it for tanning is always appreciated.
  • Outdoor water trails: wellness trails with outdoor pools, waterfalls and Kneipp paths.
  • Relaxation areas with shaded loungers and outdoor massage booths.
  • Outdoor yoga and meditation: Yoga and meditation sessions in the morning or at sunset in outdoor spaces with panoramic views. These activities are ideal for the summer month and can attract a large audience interested in holistic wellness.
  • The use of ice (ice fountains, cryotherapy, ice baths) for the face and body. The world of cryotherapy treatments has become very popular with sportsmen and women and those on longevity programmes.
  • Use of heat! (sauna, hammam, etc.) it is good to dispel the myth that hot, humid environments are “intimidating” in the summer. On the contrary, these areas, used in the right hot/cold sequence, allow you to cool down by helping your body to acclimate to the high summer temperatures. A kind of gym for our metabolism, making it more resistant to climate change.
  • Outdoor sports/wellness with Pilates, hydro bike and water aerobics classes.

2. Themed events and special offers:

  • Detox Weekend
  • Beauty Weekends
  • Romantic getaway packages
  • Family spa days
  • SPA evenings under the stars: create evening events with SPA access enriched with live music, healthy aperitifs and treatments for unique experiences that combine relaxation fun and sociability.

3. Tailor-made packages and loyalty programmes:

  • Tailored packages designed specifically for the summer months
  • Summer loyalty programmes that reward regular customers with discounts on treatments, exclusive access to events and special giveaways.
  • Autumn membership pre-sales with special discounts and events to launch new treatments and/or equipment.

4. Partnerships and promotions (very important)

  • Activating partnerships with local hotels and resorts can enable the integration of wellness services, improving and diversifying the offer.
  • Social media promotions: using social media to promote summer offers or organising contests, giveaways and other activities can help increase contacts and, consequently, sales.
  • Group’ offers: offering discounts for groups of friends or family members can encourage visits by groups of people with advantageous packages and social activities.

In conclusion, precisely because there are so many aspects to be carefully assessed, it is important to remember the importance of targeted management, capable of laying the foundations to make your SPA profitable and successful. To do this, you need a control room, and you need to entrust your project to professionals.

This means being able to count on the constant support of a team ready to follow the entire management process smoothly, with a rational, analytical and personalised approach, capable of enhancing the specificities of each SPA.