How to design a successful spa


An easy-to-read spa guide on what steps to take to create unique and profitable spa environments. Creating a successful spa is certainly a demanding challenge, and not only on an economic level It is like setting up a business, which ‘sells’ something that is not tangible but is nevertheless measurable from an economic point of […]

Green SPA: trend or awareness?


Attention to environmental sustainability, energy saving, the reduction of harmful emissions and, in general, the preservation of the planet, is a theme that has always been felt and that has seen a major upsurge in recent years. Thinking and behaving in a ‘green’ manner requires a profound paradigm shift, and the beauty, spa and wellness […]

SPA and Nature: a winning combination


The wellness trend of the moment sees hospitality and wellness closely connected with the surrounding environment. The trend was already perceptible in 2019, but the so-called ‘Covid years’ have accelerated this increasingly strong link between Wellness and Nature. Today, tourist hospitality is also aligning itself with this need and evolving into “open-air” stays and activities, […]

SPA Suite e Private SPA: differences and features


Already a big trend in recent years, Private Spas and Spa Suites are now increasingly in demand because they respond to different needs: in addition to the ever more manifest desire for luxury, freedom and privacy in moments of relaxation and self-care, the new demand for security and distance from large numbers is gaining in […]