SPA Suite e Private SPA: differences and features

Already a big trend in recent years, Private Spas and Spa Suites are now increasingly in demand because they respond to different needs: in addition to the ever more manifest desire for luxury, freedom and privacy in moments of relaxation and self-care, the new demand for security and distance from large numbers is gaining in importance.

Undoubtedly united by the idea of having a private and exclusive space in which to pamper oneself and unwind, Private Spas and Spa Suites generally feature elegance, sophistication and a touch of technology that allows all the senses to be involved in a unique wellness experience.

An offer that is now more popular than ever in hotels and in wellness and spa centres. Many companies in the field are promoting specially designed products and services, which aim to satisfy a demanding clientele from the business and luxury world, but also ‘Family and Friends’.

What is a Spa Suite

It is a hotel suite in which a wellness and well-being area has been designed inside. The Spa Suite rooms are very exclusive and equipped to provide a unique experience of wellness and intimacy, allowing you to go from the bed to the wellness area without leaving the room: the spa is inside, in the utmost privacy and intimacy.

These mini spas can be equipped with a sauna, steam bath or Jacuzzi, depending on their size, which can range from 30 to 100 square metres, embodying technology, innovation, design and meticulous project planning.

What the Spa Suite experience includes

The cost of the suite already includes the use of the spa inside, while any massages and treatments requested by the customer will be counted as extras. Generally, inside the suite we can find a steam bath for scrubs, a sauna, a shower and 2 massage beds for couples.

When to give a night in a Spa Suite

A favorite gift for couples, one or more nights in a Spa Suite can be a romantic idea to celebrate a honeymoon, a romantic weekend, or to surprise your partner not only on Valentine’s Day but whenever elegance, intimacy and privacy are desired.

What is a Private Spa

The term Private Spa, identifies a privatised use of a spa circuit for a defined time and number of people. It is usually requested by a public that wishes to have and personalise the spa experience in a reserved space, designed for couples or small groups of people.

It is a new concept of relaxation, much more intimate and authentic, typical of a target that is attentive to the refinement of environments, technological innovation and is looking for “signature” treatments, comfort and exclusivity.

What is the ideal circuit to take in a Private Spa

Generally, the main areas are the welcome area, the treatments and massage area, the humid and/or the hot area, sauna, hammam, the water area with swimming-pool and its Jacuzzi, sensory showers tunnel and relaxation areas with a small buffet.

The ideal circuit starts with purifying treatments such as scrub or soaping and then move on to the hot/humid area or to the water areas, such as Jacuzzi, sensory showers or snow showers. You can continue with a massage and then finish, in complete relaxation in the comfort zone.

On what occasions to book a Private Spa

These are perfect settings for celebrating special occasions with a group of friends or relatives, such as anniversaries, birthdays, hen parties, or for organizing alternative team building experiences or corporate events.

Private Spas at home: how to design them

There is a growing demand for the design of Private Spas for private homes, shaped around the individual wishes of the family and the social life of the owners. In this case, it is a real spa for exclusively private use, which becomes a hideaway to escape from the working day or to organize parties with friends.

Needless to say, in each case it is necessary to rely on experts capable of optimising space and investment and implementing a unique wellness experience, because in some realities, even these become true Spas with a wide range of services.

By Elisabetta Farneti