Spa training courses: Atelier Training bbspa_Group

The R&D division of bbspa_Group has always been committed to innovation, to maintaining the quality standards of its services and to constantly updating and training its resources.

From this attitude, the Ateliers were born, i.e. innovative spaces hosted by bbspa_Group in which share the know-how refined over time with customers and partners, approaching each process in a practical manner.

Ateliers Training is the area dedicated to the training of staff employed in spas that includes practice, theory and webinars on new technologies in the sector and on techniques to be used in the relationship with the end customer. Specifically, we develop courses for SPA managers, SPA workers, receptionists, and beauty SPA managers.

Which courses does bbspa offer?

The most popular training courses for spas and wellness centres are:

  • ATELIERS SPA LEADER – sessions for spa managers who want to delve into topics such as Leadership, Customer and/or Employee Management, but also business development plans.
  • ATELIERS SPA MANAGER sessions leading to different topics ranging from business plan development, introduction green protocols in management protocols, leadership and problem solving with clients and/or collaborators, to topics such as the creation of “signature” treatments, able to enhance the wellness centre’s special features.
  • ATELIERS SPA Operator – focus on the consolidation and deepening of basics, innovation and the emotional aspect of the client approach such as spa operator etiquette, the right “touch” and perfect “harmony” in the execution of a treatment. Technical sessions include underwater massages, cabin sales techniques and much more.

“We have listed above some examples of training offers. In this case, says Gabriella Francia, Head of Training at bbspa_Group, our mission is to change the way operators learn by adapting training offers to new work scenarios. Future is the verb tense that best distinguishes man, because it is the form through which expectations, dreams, and the projection of oneself into tomorrow are expressed. And man is also characterised by a thirst for knowledge. bbspa_Group has a natural vocation to constantly look to the future and this is also seen in our training offerings”.

“Customers want relaxation, moments of well-being and emotions. This is what we must give them, Gabriella Francia emphasises. But if we do not first experience for ourselves the meaning of excellence in this field, we can hardly pass it on to others”.

“We also very much believe in the importance of permanent training, which makes it possible to plan objectives, periodically check their achievement and, if necessary, adapt them to new contexts and needs.”

Written by Elisabetta Farneti