SPACUBES®: innovation and wellness cubed.

Would you ever have imagined that building your dream spa would be like playing with building blocks?

Today this “game” is possible thanks to an innovation patented by bbspa_Group in partnership with the international architecture firm D/DOCK and inspired by Modular Architecture. An idea that could also come to life thanks to the collaboration, with regard to SPA management aspects, with Snow Group, a company that manages 60 SPAs around the world.

An unprecedented concept of modular, turnkey SPA, to be created according to one’s desires, market needs or the business one intends to start.


It is the first prefabricated and modular SPA concept, innovative in terms of architectural solutions, services and technologies that takes on the ideal configuration based on:

  • the location where it is installed
  • potential user base
  • capital to be invested
  • desired profitability

We asked Régis Boudon-Doris, CEO and Founder of bbspa_Group, for more information to understand the mission, objectives, and opportunities of this business model.

What is the main advantage of SPACUBES®

It is an absolutely innovative solution that allows you to create modular, turnkey, prefabricated SPA, adaptable to different building spaces and budgets, which can be industrialised and replicated in several locations or for different targets.

A true business model that responds to the demand of investors from different backgrounds (investment funds, shopping centres, airports, owners of disused industrial and/or commercial areas, real estate developers, etc.) who are all very sensitive to new trends as long as they are able to guarantee high profitability in the medium and long term

What market needs it responds to

SPACUBES was conceived with a range of customers in mind, increasingly widespread after covid pandemic, interested in and very well informed about “well-being” services, which guarantee prevention and welfare in their own territory or close to their places of life and work”, explains Régis Boudon-Doris.

In fact, this model makes it possible to invest in the creation of spas that can offer wellness experiences wherever there is a market and regardless of the environmental context, exploiting, for example, the main travel routes, or urban, suburban, commercial and, why not, industrial areas.

The possibility, for example, of having a place next to one’s company where employees can relax and relieve stress during their lunch break or immediately after work is a considerable plus that has benefits for the individual and for the company’s productivity.
Other interesting locations are airports, next to shopping centres, or even near large amusement parks.

“There are no limits with SPACUBES to the possibility of design and adaptation to the context in which the spa is to be established. That is the strength and the challenge of this project”, adds Régis”.

A green and environmentally friendly business model: the benefits for customers and the environment

In each of its sizes, SPACUBES® is designed according to strictly sustainable and environmentally friendly principles. The choice of materials, construction techniques and technologies used, in fact, makes it possible to minimize consumption, respect the environment and propose an ethical use of wellness and the spa.

“The entire team involved in this project made sustainability one of the focuses that guided the choices during the design and development phase, explains Régis Boudon-Doris, because we believe that it is an essential element, especially when it comes to wellness”.

How many and what types of modules

There are 4 sizes set for SPACUBES®:

  • S corresponding to 2,500 m² (+/-) of surface area
  • M corresponding to 5,000 m² (+/-) of surface area
  • L corresponding to 7,500 m² (+/-) of surface area
  • XL corresponding to 10,000 m² (+/-) of surface area

Many services can be activated inside or outside the modules:

  • Welcome area with shop
  • Beauty area
  • Medical area
  • Baby SPA area
  • Spa circuits area with Sauna circuits, Hammam circuits, all in&out version
  • Treatment/massage area
  • Private spa area
  • Social spa area in&out
  • Entertainment spa area in&out

In the design phase, each of the many areas listed above will be developed according to the user base, the analysis of competitors and the chosen size, so as to make the project both performant and profitable.

How to request information to design your own SPACUBES®

Our R&D team is always ready to receive requests for information, quotes, and more details.
You can ask for a consulting service at this link.

Edit by Elisabetta Farneti