Urban SPA: wellness oasis in the city


To feel better, to dedicate yourself to remise en forme, to isolate yourself from the outside world and find a moment of relaxation. Urban SPAs are the reference for beauty treatments or an anti-stress break. Innovative and, today more than ever, popular with those suffering from ‘urban fatigue’. Urban SPAs have always been one of […]

Cold Therapy: the cold trend is growing


Cold therapies and snow tunnels are on the wish list of wellness enthusiasts. From home-made ice baths to natural cold plunges, this enthusiasm has created a new market for cold treatments. A business, the one related to the ‘cold’ trend, which will generate significant increases over the next decade.This is because it has been rediscovered […]

Biologique Recherche wellness center in the heart of the Roman Dolce Vita


Inside a historical palace that once belonged to the Colonna family, considered one of the oldest and most famous Roman patrician families, Biologique Recherche opens Ambassade Roma where you can enjoy the exclusive experience of this high-end brand, just a few steps from the Pantheon and Piazza di Spagna. The bbspa team of We Design […]

Kundamiri: a detoxifying and relaxing steam bath


Long known in the spa and thermal world, it is a steam bath created to regenerate the skin, alleviate cellulite and gently relax the entire body. How? Let’s find out together. How? Let’s find out together. What is Kundamiri A steam bed enriched with oxygen and essential oils, it is one of the treatments par […]