Every SPA has the cosmetic line it deserves!

The expansion of the cosmetics industry proves that personal care and beauty products are an important business. According to Federchimica, the market is destined to grow, and we are talking about high-margin products.

How to choose the cosmetic line in SPA

The options are many and the choice can be difficult.
We discuss this with Gabriella Francia, co-founder and R&D manager of bbspa_Group.

In my opinion, the decision to differentiate your spa also through a dedicated and selected cosmetic line is a strategic and winning choice. We are talking about a strategic aspect for the spa that must be approached with the necessary professionalism, says Gabriella.

There are three fundamental aspects to this decision:

1- The spa philosophy or concept that the cosmetic line must represent.
2- The choice of raw materials, packaging and brand.
3- The definition of the menu of services and treatment protocols, based on the target audience, the references identified and the experience you decide to offer your clients.

Choosing cosmetics: what not to miss

According to Gabriella Francia, the main characteristics for choosing the most suitable cosmetic line for the SPA are:

1- Texture: Products with different textures for different types of massages and treatments (oils, creams of different consistencies and compositions, essences with different fragrances, etc.) are a must. All this to personalise treatments.

2- Eco-sustainability: an aspect, Gabriella Francia points out, that is essential today is to focus on eco-sustainable products. It is important to check that the entire supply chain is green, from components to processing and packaging.

3- Luxury = uniqueness, emotion and immediate results

“Today’s clients are very demanding, well-informed and often have already tried other spa experiences. In the case of high-spending facilities, it is important to emphasise that true luxury is now understood above all as the opportunity for unique, exciting experiences that tell something new or stimulating.
Another very important aspect is the immediate results of the treatments: firmer skin, more luminosity, reduced wrinkles, etc. Of course, this implies that the cosmetic line used for the treatments is of the highest quality.

4- Quality: choosing products rich in active ingredients, innovative and high performing, is a prerequisite for achieving effective results.

The introduction of a cosmetic line, especially a private label one, is an important investment that contributes to the success of the spa, but once made, it must be constantly monitored and modified. I suggest renewing the cosmetic line once a year, also taking into account new trends, feedback from clients, new research, etc’.

Rely on experts for a winning choice

“For newcomers, my advice is to take it step by step, with calibrated and measurable decisions and investments. Of course, there are also realities that can provide targeted advice on this subject.
We at bbspa_group have long included, in the consultancy projects dedicated to the choice of cosmetics in SPA, all the aspects linked to the inclusion of the best cosmetic line to enhance the treatments.
Relying on an external partner also means better cost management, but also getting rid of long and tedious bureaucratic procedures, especially if you intend to create your own cosmetics line and brand”.