End the year on a high note… in a spa

Emotion, relaxation and wellness to make the end-of-year celebrations truly special. How to do it? Certainly, by pampering ourselves or giving someone else a stay at a spa to share magical moments with our loved ones or friends.

In autumn, and especially during the end of year festivities, the spa becomes a beacon for those who want to be in perfect shape for their dinners, parties and toasts. Another part of the public, on the other hand, prefers to immerse themselves in the spa environment after the festivities, for a period of relaxation and detoxification.

In both cases, the approach is not only health-oriented, focusing on improving physical fitness, but also aims at aesthetic facial/body treatments and wellness programmes to create a better body/mind balance, preparing us better for a period of parties and celebrations or to get back into shape after very ‘intense’ days.

Christmas and New Year at a SPA

Spending the festive season at a spa is a good idea, as it allows you to combine the festive season with the need for real relaxation.
From Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve and on to Epiphany, this is the perfect time to visit places where you can take care of your body and mind.

Wellness for Christmas

When considering a spa holiday, more and more people are looking for destinations where they can be pampered. This is an aspect that facilities (spas, thermal baths, etc.) must take into account, offering personalised packages with “festive” treatments, or focusing on private spas, phytotherapy treatments that make the most of local resources, moments of pure relaxation in saunas or hammams, and in general “dressing up” everything that the vast spa world has to offer in a festive garment. You have to work even harder to create wellness and a deep harmony with yourself and your surroundings. In this way, a holiday becomes a wonderful “cuddly” gift to give ourselves or our loved ones.

What are the most popular spas

Green and sustainability are essential concepts today, and in the collective imagination, places dedicated to wellness are in contact with nature, with breathtaking views, perhaps surrounded by snow-capped peaks (at this time of year) and, why not, close to the ski slopes, for a New Year’s Eve in a spa with family or partner, between relaxation and sport.

Apart from the mountains, there are places all over Italy dedicated to wellness, with suggestive, welcoming destinations, rich in cultural proposals, for a relaxing winter break that is also stimulating. Make way for thermal spas, but also for recreational spas or spas in cities of art that add art and culture to your relaxation break.

Spa experience: beauty, wellness, good food and territory

In December and during the Epiphany period, in order to immerse oneself in the festive atmosphere, the mountains have always been the first port of call: not only ski slopes, but also Christmas markets, exhibitions, gastronomic events and sports. But whether it is a spa suite overlooking the sea or a hotel with a spa in a city of art, there are still plenty of opportunities to recharge our batteries, boost our spirits, our positivity and, why not, our taste buds with gourmet dinners, not to mention museums, exhibitions, theatre shows and concerts.

And after a day of all this, relaxing in a spa is truly heavenly!

Written by Elisabetta Farneti