bbspa_Ateliers is the new headquarters of bbspa_Group, an innovative space designed and created to be able to effectively accompany entrepreneurs, investors, architects, hotel project managers with SPAs and every operator in this sector in their Wellness & SPA projects. A place that contains, in modern and technologically advanced environments, a unique set of skills and technologies at the service of Wellness & SPA projects and realities, both for public and private use.

Our natural vocation for project profitability has always been our constant focus on innovation and which it carries out for its customers, which can be seen both in the projects carried out up to now and in the services offered in the consulting, management, technological and training fields.

bbspa_Ateliers is made of 6 Ateliers:


Workshop Training Marketing & Communication Experience & Excellence Deep Nature Partners

Atelier Workshop

A successful project is the result of a long process of elaboration and comparisons, which is why bbspa_Group wanted to create an environment in which to work as a team with customers, investors, architects, consultants and operators for the development of projects. An area for discussion on concepts, menus of treatments & services, materials to be used, design, technologies, business plans, examining together every fundamental aspect for the success of a project. We work side by side with the client and his team to discuss in order to perfect and optimize projects, finding and sharing the best solutions.

Atelier Training

bbspa_Group wanted to create an area that embraces all training methods of a SPA team, with a theoretical part, a practice and webinar.

In this place, conference sessions, technology presentations are organized, with classrooms, laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment for a practical and experiential approach.

We believe that training must be permanent, to plan one’s goals. Periodically check their achievement and possibly adapt them to new contexts and needs.

The courses already operational also demonstrate this:

Sessions for SPA Managers where to deepen leadership, management of problems, creation of “signature” treatments, business plans and management of numbers to strengthen the quality management of each manager.

Sessions for SPA operators to consolidate basic notions and the emotional aspect of the approach with the client, with for example the etiquette of the SPA operator, the right “touch and perfect harmony” in the execution of a treatment. More technical sections that will range from fine under-rain massage to in-cabin sales techniques and much more.

Sessions for SPA Receptionist and Beauty SPA manager to give specific skills on wellness, communication and sales.

Atelier Marketing & Comunicazione

Marketing and communication are another key to the success of a Wellness & SPA project, for this reason, together with the dedicated bbspa_Group team, the best communication strategy and customer approach to be implemented for each project will be studied right from the start of the project. Because nothing can be left to chance, especially the way you present yourself to customers and enhance and make the SPA unique. This study will involve clients, their communication agencies and our partners specialists in the field, for integrated and effective projects.

Atelier Experience & Excellence

Many entrepreneurs and investors look out for the first time in the Wellness & SPA world, for this reason bbspa wanted to create “Experience” spaces where they can touch and live the know-how of bbspa_Group in the field of SPA to experiment protocols / treatments and new technologies developed by us and our partners. At the same time these places will be spaces dedicated to research and development where innovations are studied and developed together with partners and customers through a synergic and highly creative comparison. They will be places where, for example, you can experiment with the “signature” treatments created exclusively for each client because, as Gabriella Francia, head of the bbspa_Group training department, says: “Clients want relaxation, moments of well-being and emotions. This we must give them. But if we do not first prove on ourselves the meaning of excellence in this field, we can hardly pass it on to others “.

Atelier Deep Nature

bbspa_Ateliers is also the home of Deep Nature in Italy. The French group leader in the management of SPAs with currently over 50 SPAs managed worldwide and a turnover of over 25 million euros, has chosen bbspa_Group to create and manage its Italian branch and start the management of SPAs throughout Italy, facilitating and protecting investments by entrepreneurs also in the beautiful country. Made up of a team of Spa Managers, SPA operators who are experts in management, marketing and communication in the hospitality sector, Deep Nature Italia is “the full circle” that guarantees the quality of the services provided and the profitability of the SPA to tourist facilities with a Wellness & SPA vocation.

Atelier Partners

bbspa_Ateliers is also the home of the Partners who make up the bbspa_Group network. bbspa_Ateliers is an ecumenical place where the partner companies of the bbspa_Group Network are at home and where they place themselves at the service of the projects that are developed in the headquarters. Customers will thus be able to compare with the experts and technicians of Aquaform, Atmoshere SPA design, Bonucchi associates, Erredesign, H2O Style, K-Arrey, Itaca, Lemi group, Menabò, Polistudio, Starpool, Tip Touch and Village for all, all ready. to put themselves at the service of projects. In addition, within bbspa_Ateliers it will be possible to view and try some of their products and services.