Area Wellness – Wellness is a source of income if the project is well thought out

In the recent interview conducted by Giorgio J.J. Bartolomucci with our CEO for Area Wellness, we talked about whether and how much it pays to invest in a spa project.

Let’s start with the good news: setting up a spa is still a profitable business“. This is the opinion of Régis Boudon-Doris, a professional in the wellness world, who for the past thirty years, together with Gabriella Francia, has led bbspa_Group, a consulting company involved in all phases of the life cycle of a spa, from its design to its management: “It is not a matter of luck or fads, but of a design approach that addresses the complexity of the market as a business unit in its own right, whose profit and loss account must necessarily work”.

“Today, the entrepreneur is more educated and can afford to choose from many alternative proposals available. With this in mind, we support those who decide to invest in a wellness facility by emphasising that it is essential to consider it as a revenue and profit centre“.  

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