Spa business insider – Kirsty MacCormick announces launch of bbspa_UK consultancy

European spa and wellness consultancy bbspa_Group has ventured into the UK market and launched bbspa_UK in collaboration with spa consultant Kirsty MacCormick.

The expansion marks a significant milestone for bbspa as it continues to grow its global presence in the spa and wellness industry.

MacCormick, boasting more than 30 years of experience in providing spa and consulting services to the hospitality and resort industry, will lead bbspa_UK as CEO.

The launch of bbspa_UK comes on the heels of bbspa’s recent expansions into other key markets. In 2021, the consultancy firm established bbspa_France in partnership with Ghislain Waeyaert, followed by the launch of bbspa_Asia in Singapore in 2022.

Waeyaert said that the exciting new collaborative effort between bbspa’s offices in France, the UK and Italy provides clients with unparalleled service and support on a global scale.