Customized and specialized team for tailor-made SPA Concept & Project

Thanks to its highly qualified international and multicultural team, bbspa brings a 360° management consultancy in the field that expertly doses creativity and rationality, embracing the entire consulting process in the Wellness & SPA sector. To ensure maximum efficiency and meet the most specific needs, the professionals involved are selected from time to time, combining their expertise with the peculiarities of the concepts to be developed, ensuring the best possible result.


Gabriella Francia is an expert in R&D for treatments and technologies of wellbeing and specialized in the creation of SPA menus and protocols. She has a career as SPA Trainer, Manager and Director for some of the most renowned SPA in the national scene. She is co-founder of bbspa together with Régis Boudon-Doris, strategic leader of the company that has always been close to the customers for the development of projects with a unique style, able to combine the best of Made in Italy with the refinement of the French Art de vivre.


Protecting investments and maximizing profits: this is the goal of bbspa, the first global consulting company for wellness centres and SPAs, specializing in developing unique concepts for distinctive, innovative, efficient sustainable and profitable business projects.


An offer that goes beyond generic advice, guaranteeing the maximum increase in terms of profit thanks to a rational and analytical approach, based on concrete data and precise surveys for the creation, management and restyling of entrepreneurial activity. Tested and perfected thanks to thirty years of direct experience in the field, bbspa’s method allows to develop tailor-made solutions for defining and achieving innovative and concrete goals, lasting over time, enhancing the advantages of locations and structures to increase expected profitability.


Our commitment and responsibility, in seven points.

  • Total confidentiality on projects, for five years from the expiry of our tasks.
  • Total compliance with administrative and tax regulations.
  • Total compliance with labor regulations.
  • Total compliance with copyright regulations.
  • Total compliance with privacy regulations.
  • No commissions received from suppliers or third parties.
  • Each project is always a new project, the result of a great experience, without copy & past.
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