Our thirty years of experience in the world

The world of Wellness is characterized every day more by its high competitiveness and the growth of customer expectations. Faced with this challenging scenario, bbspa projects stand out for quality, innovation and efficiency thanks to our analytical approach, for SPAs tailor-made based on accurate market analysis and in order to develop projects strongly oriented towards maximizing profitability.


bbspa.Tech has created a unique collection of innovative professional clothing designed to improve profitability and solve the daily problems of spas …

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BBspa - YOOUMA logo

A device that transforms each massage into a musical composition in real time. Designed for the world of wellness, our service aims to become a standard for this market.



BBspa - AQUAFORM logo

in collaboration with bbspa.tech, Aquaform has created a line of products dedicated to professional wellness …



Descotis has created a line of hammocks dedicated to wellness and relaxation with precious Indonesian fabrics