A line of products dedicated to professional wellness

Aquaform has been specialized for decades in the development of products dedicated to the world of SPAs, guaranteeing wellness programs suitable to satisfy every public and desire, providing customized and tailor-made solutions.

With them we have created various types of shower heads made more performing in order to optimize the wellness experience offered and to ensure the highest level of performance on the market. Every single component is the result of rigorously made in Italy production work, thus guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and reliability on the market.





It is the horizontal shower whose advanced technology is able to replicate the functions and sensations that only a manual massage can generate. By exploiting the massaging and therapeutic power of water, AQUAMOTUS allows you to achieve high levels of psychophysical regeneration through a complete and innovative treatment, which guarantees performance at the highest levels.

The paintable aluminum structure contains two super mirror stainless steel modules, dedicated to the upper and lower part of the body, and differentiated in order to best meet the needs of each anatomical element.

It also allows you to choose, from the many programs available, the most functional intervention for your needs, by calibrating the sequence of movements on the specific need and thus acting in a targeted manner on the body and mind.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge materials and technologies, AQUAMOTUS finally guarantees the possibility of work with any type of water (fresh, salt, thermal) without any contraindications and without risk of damage to the hydraulic system and to the massage technologies.

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Sensus PRO

The emotional shower is a multi-sensory journey that exploits the benefits of hydrotherapy, together with those of chromium therapy and aroma therapy. Each jet can be associated with a different color, creating surprising combinations suitable for the different sensations and atmospheres that you want to recreate. The wide range of jets and shades will ensure a different composition for every particular need or desire.

Horizontal showers

Horizontal Shower is a new generation collection, which allows you to experience the combined effects of a complete massage and an emotional path of a balancing, relaxing or stimulating type. Perfectly adaptable to any environment, it is available in its wall or ceiling version.

The showers are equipped with a manual touch control, for the management of programs and individual jets.

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Emotional Tunnel

Path that combines at the same time countless water and light effects, all programmed. Suitable for those who demand the most from water and the atmospheres created by lights, sounds and scents.

Tailor made

We offer customized solutions, putting our knowledge and skills at your disposal to create unique tailor-made products. From the finishes to the sizes, up to the different functions, we will be able to listen to every request and give shape to a product suitable for every need.

In addition, our products can be equipped with bluetooth and radio connections for listening to music and sounds.